Sponge blasting has a very large machinery park for rent.
  1. Sponge units type SS200 (200 liter) and type SS45 (45 liter)
  2. Pneumatic recyclers
  3. Belong to the equipment: a blasting hose, a nozzle, an air hose with a deadman switch & seeves.

The rent can start from 1 single day for testing and small works or for longer periods e.g. several months until the end of a project. The customer has to provide an air connection or compressor; please consider a required volume of approx. 8 Bar & 10m³/min. At the launch of a project, it is always possible to get support or hiring a site manager. Specific projects can be implemented by Sponsstralen in own management or by one of our clients specialized in this.

Ask for a possible takeover of rental machines; we can offer them at reduced prices if available.

SPONSSTRALEN has a 24h/24h service that can come on site at any time for support.

Thanks to our own day-to-day work experience, you will deal with experienced technicians.